Wash Bay Wonder

What is the wash bay wonder you ask? Well, biosecurity is the backbone to maintaining our animal health and protecting our customers. Recently, we invested in a larger and newer wash bay facility to help us continue to serve our increased demand and improve our practices. The wash bay area is where all the vehicles and animal crates are cleaned and sanitized prior to leaving for your facility. Below are a few of the key features our team is excited about. These features make it more convenient for them to consistently do a great job.

  • Large Bay: We all know that if you are properly setup to do a job it will be done better on a consistent basis. Prior to this addition, our largest trucks did not fit well in the cleaning bay and this made the cleaning process unpleasant in the winter time. The large trucks now fit comfortably in the cleaning bay, giving the team a better environment to do their job well.
  • Automation: We’ve added some automation to our processes. The cleaning soap and disinfectant are on individual hoses that are plumbed to supply tanks with low pressure pumps. For rinsing, you can select from a low pressure/high volume pump or a high pressure/low volume pump with heat. All of these little features make cleaning the vehicles and animal crates a quick task and ensure the proper processes can be followed.
  • Waste management: At the very back of the cleaning bay, we installed a waste management conveyer into the floor that carries the dirty animal bedding out of the bay. When the vehicle returns from a trip, we back them into the wash bay and clean out the dirty bedding. The conveyer allows us to immediately remove the dirty bedding from the wash bay area, helping to lower our risk.

The wash bay is a key part to our transportation company and the courier services that we provide. If you are interested in our transportation company, Oak Hill Courier. More information on our services can be found here. https://www.oakhillgenetics.com/delivery