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Wash Bay Wonder

What is the wash bay wonder you ask? Well, biosecurity is the backbone to maintaining our animal health and protecting our customers. Recently, we invested in a larger and newer wash bay facility to help us continue to serve our increased demand and improve our practices. The wash bay area is where all the vehicles […]

Swine Weight Loss in Transport

Swine weight loss in transport is definitely something to plan for. Over the last few years we’ve been collecting data for our internal use on how much our animals lose in transport. After a few years of watching the trend we have created a graph that we hope is helpful to our customers for understanding […]

Winding down or Winding Up?

The year of 2022 may be winding down, but we are just winding up! 2023 holds many exciting advancements for our company. We are excited for how this will affect our customers in the upcoming years. 2022 – Animal Housing Facility Our Animal Housing facility was completed and has been a huge success. Upon completion […]

“We will leave the lights on”

The animal housing facility is nearing completion and we are very excited! This facility is designed to maintain the quality of your research facility while your animals are in our care. Below are some of the highlight features of this facility. Seven individual animal rooms, with up to 10 air changes per hour. Raised tender […]

The Pig Motel

Biomedical research animal housing facility coming soon!

Natural Protector

Ripley is another great example of how dogs can be man’s best friend. He was raised at our facility until about six months of age, at this point he was transported to a facility in California. After spending some time there he was adopted to a family in southern California that happened to have a […]

Animal Research Perception vs Reality

Foundation of Biomedical Research ( has been kind enough to provide us with the valuable information written in the above article. Medical Research is often misunderstood due to the limited amount of information shared to the public so this is one way we can partner with FBR in helping to educate and share the facts […]

Improving Lives

Socialized and happy dogs are very important to us here at Oak Hill Genetics. Each dog is played with regularly and one of the people that is integral to our team is Philip. One of the things that is important in socializing is starting the interaction properly at a young age. This is what Philip […]