Winding down or Winding Up?

The year of 2022 may be winding down, but we are just winding up! 2023 holds many exciting advancements for our company. We are excited for how this will affect our customers in the upcoming years.

2022 – Animal Housing Facility

Our Animal Housing facility was completed and has been a huge success. Upon completion of this facility, we have filled the facility to 50% immediately. It is exciting to see clients realizing the benefit of this service.

2023 – Biosecurity Advancement

Pictured below is new construction on an additional bay for our wash bay area. We use this area to clean and sanitize all of our delivery vehicles before they are loaded for delivery. The additional bay will help us improve biosecurity practices, and allow us to accommodate growth in our fleet as we continue to expand our sales and transportation services. You can read more about our transportation services below.