Biomedical Research Animals

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Oak Hill Genetics raises high quality biomedical research animals. Our goal is to provide the research community with quality animals and responsive service to meet your needs.

License Info:

Class “A” licensee must apply to the United States Department of Agriculture for a license and meet all the requirements for housing, animal care and adequate record keeping. All animals must be properly identified with both an individual ID and facility ID where they were born. This ensures that the linage of the animals can be traced to the facility and internally as well. The class “A” license does not allow buying and reselling animals from random sources. This applies to housing animals not born and raised here as well. This is administrated by the United States Department of Agriculture by unannounced inspections. The inspections include evaluating all animals for proper animal care and proper filing of all records.

USDA handbook Subchapter A – Animal Welfare   Class “A” licensee (breeder) means a person subject to the licensing requirements under part 2 and meeting the definition of a breeder (1.1) and whose business involving animals consists only of animals that are bred and raised on the premises in a closed or stable colony and those animals acquired for the sole purpose of maintaining or enhancing the breeding colony.